Las Vegas - March 2018 Edition


100 Most Influential People In Cannabis - May 2018 Edition


Complex Magazine feature 

 "Inside the Massive Las Vegas Dispensary That Grows Wiz Khalifa’s Weed"

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Vice News

"Big Alcohol Is Fighting To Keep It's Grip On Legal Pot In Nevada"


West Coast Weed Dynasty

Inside the dynamic partnership between Exotikz, Jungle Boys and Reef Dispensaries


Cannabis Magazine 

"Rap artist and cannabis entrepreneur, Berner, recently partnered with Tryke Companies to launch his  “Exotics by Berner” line at their local Reef DIspensary locations.  Last month I had the chance to sit and chat with him about all things cannabis and here is what he had to say."


40 under 40 Tryke – Instant Empire

"Matthew Morgan should be accustomed to the pageantry associated with grand openings by now — the media interviews, the giant brass scissors cutting an oversized ribbon, the rush of patrons excited for new opportunities."


4 of a kind

Las Vegas Grows

"The Vegas facility currently has 165,000 square feet available; when fully built out, Carpenter notes, it will probably be the largest in the state, producing hundreds of pounds per month. Tryke operates and supplies The Reef, a chain of five sleek dispensaries—two in Vegas, two in the Reno area, and one in Queen Creek, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix."


Adult-Use Cannabis Debuts in Nevada


Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Ahead Of July 1 Pot Sales"


“If we’re talking about money, it’s not a huge issue. But just logistically, it’s a nightmare,” Reef Dispensaries CEO Matthew Morgan said."


Nevada’s Tryke Companies/Reef Dispensaries is Building a Better Oasis


Nevada has massive first month of marijuana sales


 North Las Vegas Dispensaries To Stay Open 24/7


Wiz Khalifa Smokes the Competition

 "Khalifa Kush is sold in three states and locally at Reef dispensaries—where Wiz has been known to stop by to pick up supplies and say hello to fans of all of his work. “I did not really ever think about having my own strain of weed. It’s really kind of cool that that has happened,” he says. “The process was really just me trying to find the best weed in the world that I like, and it turns out a bunch of other people like it, too.” They like it enough that Reef can sell out of Khalifa Kush within 24 hours."


When Boxing Goes Low, I Go High

"Inside: It was crazy. Or rather: It was crazy because it wasn’t crazy at all. The showroom resembled an Apple store...actually, you know that store at the airport where you can buy an iPhone charger, or a pair of headphones? It looked like that. Clean lines, well lit, friendly store associates, samples of the merchandise in jars to smell (no smoking inside!) and...menus."


Legal marijuana sales begin in Nevada


"Other founding board members include Dixie Elixirs, a Denver-based cannabis products company; Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based marijuana private equity firm; Tryke Companies, a Tempe, Ariz.-based medical cannabis business; and Denver dispensary operators Native Roots and Medicine Man."


Should Cannabis be Legal in the NFL? 

"Prescription drug addiction is on the rise in the league, yet marijuana remains illegal"